First Reiki Session Sidney BC

My first Reiki treatment with Anneli Twan, Don Beacham and Michelle.


Anneli Twan, Don’s wife, is of Swedish and Canadian / Native Indian descent. Her mother immigrated to Canada from Sweden in the 1950’s. Her father was born and raised in the Caribou region of British Columbia and his aboriginal heritage is from the Chilcotin Nation. Anneli is a trained Counselor and has worked for a variety of Aboriginal organizations over the years. She is also a Pipe Carrier, having earned the right by fasting. When Anneli was ten years old she took the First Degree workshop, Reiki 1 with Hawayo Takata. Anneli’s mother Wanja is one of the 22 Reiki Masters made by Mrs Takata and Anneli has been a Reiki Master since 1984. She finds that the Native teachings compliment the healing work of Reiki and is happy to share her knowledge and stories with others.

Elder Don Beacham is a Cree Indian from the Norway House Reserve in Northern Manitoba. He has followed Native Spirituality for the last 30 years, walking the Red Road. Twice a month Don leads a Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony on the Saanich Peninsula with traditional aboriginal songs and drumming meditation.

Don and Anneli invited me to give a Qigong class at their retreat centre. There’s a labyrinth on this property and I was told that the labyrinth was designed to answer questions. While surveying the retreat centre for the first time I entered the labyrinth and before I could formulate my question the answer came to me. My question was “When will my Human Rights Case be finalized?” and the answer I received was ” This year 2018“. As of August 2018, my case was finalized by the Labour Relation Board in favour of the Union. 

After the walk through the labyrinth, Don and I entered the teepee. While meditating inside the teepee, I wanted to ask Don about his teachers. Before I could ask the question, the answer came to me “that Don’s knowledge was coming from his DNA“. Once inside Don’s home, I prepared to receive my first Reiki treatment. I was treated by 3 Reiki masters, forming a trinity with Don working on my feet, Anneli working on my abdomen and Michelle working on my head. I felt a lot of energy in my liver. Interestingly, spring had started two weeks ago in the northern hemisphere and spring is the season of the liver. Another confirmation for me of the power of their Reiki practice is having felt all that gurgling in my liver during the session. During the treatment, Don went into this long dialogue about and 23 and Me; after hearing Don spill on his genealogy, I took this as confirmation to the answer I received from spirit about his teachers are his DNA.  I get the sense that the psychic energy at the retreat centre location is very intense. 

Victoria has a reputation as a haunted or significant spiritual place and many believe it is because two ley lines intersect in the city: one running East-West, and the other running North-South.

If you want to take a deeper dive into understanding ley lines (especially in the setting of our story) you can find more information here:

Once the Reiki Master lays his healing hands on his subject, the ki ( life force energy) goes where it’s needed.  Their hands were very hot and being a Qigong practitioner, I know that heat is one of six energies. Qi translates into energy.  Once the Reiki session was finished, I took my time getting off the massage table and it took a while for my vision to return. I felt great lying on the massage table and receiving treatment but trying to get up and return to normal was a different story. This is not my first time losing my eyesight after an intense spiritual encounter. After my most profound vision in July 1989, I could not see or hear properly for 3 days.