Number 8 Bone Marrow Washing Exercise

Once you have located Fengchi, use the index, middle and ring fingers of each hand to massage towards each other 36 times in a circular motion. Breathe in on the top half of the circle and exhale on the bottom half of the circle. Don’t rush as this slow, meditative exercise is meant to be coordinated with your breathing. After the 36th repetition is finished, practice a rest period before you begin the next bone marrow washing exercise.

G.B.-20 Wind Pool FENGCHI – Acupuncture Points ) At the lower border of the occipital bone, in the depression between the origins of the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles.
How to find
Patient’s position: Prone, sitting or supine (supported by a pillow, so that the occipital region is accessible). Starting at the midline, glide with the palpating finger along the lower border of the occiput, crossing the bulge of the origin of the trapezius muscle until you reach a depression the size of a finger pad.
Locate G.B.-20 in its center. Located on the same level is ➞Du-16. ➞BL-10 is located more medially and inferiorly. Actions/Indications
● Eliminates Wind benefits the head, clears the sensory organs
● Opens the channel
● With tonifying needle technique: strengthens the Marrow and the Brain (according to Maciocia)
Special features
Meeting point with the T.B. channel*, Yang Wei Mai, Yang Qiao Mai Major point for all ‘Wind disorders’, very important point for disorders of the head and eyes.