Winter Qigong Sidney BC


Rooting Our Qi is Easier in Winter Time

I always schedule my Internal Chi Breathing and Bone Rooting workshop in winter. It is easier to teach it during a season (fall-winter transition) when the Qi of the larger field is flowing downward into the earth. Nature’s Qi is “rooting itself” (in the northern hemisphere) to gather strength for the next cycle of yang expansion in the spring and summer. Winter is governed by the water element, which naturally flows downhill and soaks within. So our human Qi follows the flow of water this time of the year.

 I devote winter to teaching the three basic types of breathing: naturalreverse, and counter-force breathing. Breathing opens the “root” of the body, which is the lower dan tian (lit.” elixir field”), a.k.a. the belly center. I’ve found that when you are grounded in your breathing, then your emotional and mental bodies quickly get more grounded.

A strong “belly-root” creates a feeling of calmness and peace, even when things are chaotic around you. We will practice Ocean, Sky, & Great Heart Breathing,  to speed up the rooting process. This shifts your breathing focus from gasping at outer air to breathing more internally, through chi channels in different layers of the body. This form, nicknamed “Blissful Breathing Qigong”, is the best “quick-energizer” qigong that I teach.

              How Bone Breathing Pushes Sick Energy Out of Bone Marrow

In the second part of this workshop, I work on opening up the bones in our body, using bone breathing, bone beating, bone compression, and bone spiraling. These are all part of the Iron Shirt method that I learned from Mantak Chia and Minke de Vos. These exercises deepen the breathing power of our bones and help to both prevent and heal chronic illness. Often, chronic illness is simply “sick chi” that is stored in our bone marrow.

When we breathe it out, the sickness goes away. What appeared to be a terminal illness, gradually becomes forgotten. This is why qigong has such a good reputation (based on a solid track record) of healing chronic illness in China. This reputation is well documented scientifically.

In the Breathing and Rooting course, I describe the two different kinds of grounding that people commonly need, both of which are quite different. One is grounding into the physical earth below our feet, and correspondingly, into the physical tissue of our body. The second is energetic grounding into your meridians and the core channels that define your Energy Body. The Great Spirit has given humans the ability to create new life inside ourselves.  This winter, rejuvenate the body and nourish the soul with Bone Marrow Washing Qigong. Join me in the New Year, every Saturday at Avalon Spa & Wellness.


Happy Holidays,