Direction for Training Qigong

“Those with lingering kidney disorder can face south during the Yin period (3-5am) quietly with no distractions”. Because the Yin period pertains to the spring-wood and relates to the liver, training of qi during this period,i.e., “the early spring” period when the Shaoyang Channels are vigorous, will render the exuberant wood (liver) to control earth (spleen) to prevent earth from inter-restraining water (kidney), which “enables water (kidney) to develop and become healthy” just as the saying goes, “Kidney diseases heal in spring (Yin period)” On the other hand, the intrinsic qi is in the Lung Channel in the Yin period and because the lung-metal can generate kidney-water, “the kidney deficiency can be cured by reinforcing its mother” (the kidney and the lung are child-mother relationships). It is generally believed the practising qigong facing south and east is helpful to yang while facing west and north helpful to yin

Day 5: Festival of Po Wu Sidney, BC

A great way to communicate your wishes into the cosmos is to release specially prepared wish-fulfilling balloons into the skies. Buy yourself a collection of helium-filled balloons and take them to the park or any open ground. On a slightly windy day when the sun is not too bright, look for places where beautiful clouds gather against blue skies and let your balloons go with your wishes into the universe. This is a stunning way of attracting love into your life, improving your career prospects, and of drawing forth the great healing powers of the Universe to cure someone who is ill.